India Education Trends...!!!

In recent years students with the highest scores choose for increasingly popular studies such as health, fashion, communications or hotel management. Experts expect a rapidly increasing demand in these sectors for highly skilled employers. To this is immediately responded by young people which currently follow secondary or higher education streams for these specific Indian emerging markets. A recent study by Price Waterhouse Coopers estimated that the media and entertainment sector will grow over the next five years by nearly 20 percent, and in 2010 an amount of  $2 billion will be reached. The fashion industry, design and production technology for smart textiles will increase in fivefold the next five or ten years in size.
Health care shows a growth of 13 percent per year. New education developments in India such as medical tourism, telemedicine, and the rapid emergence of exclusive clinics and hospitals create a large number of new and particularly well-paid jobs.
There is a mentality change. In the eighties many took additional education to increase salary opportunities and status. The current generation is more of taking risk. They have no problem with job hopping, even on the borders of their own disciplines. This change also has changed the perception of the management company.

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