Threats to the Succes of Indian Education

The strong Indian market circumstances and the huge salary differences between working in government, in business or a research center makes it difficult for young students to get interested in science.
Government institutes are still setting the tone. The large differences in salary make working for a higher education institute not really attractive, and the shortages for skilled teachers is still growing rapidly. Recently, the Business Line newspaper reported that in 2010 a deficit of around 135 thousand technique teachers may be expected. Moreover, the lack of scientific quality, most institutions (especially private) a scientific job is little challenging.
Businesses and private institutions offer salaries which, even for someone who sees teaching as a vocation, can almost not be refused. For example private hospitals are charging fees that are 50 times higher than those in public hospitals. A university professor told that his graduate students get offers from the private sector which are sometimes ten times higher than his own salary, and then ask him what to do. This is a development which, as in many western countries, makes it increasingly difficult to make young people interested in a scientific career.

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