IIT View: India’s Education System Should be Revised...!!!

The Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay requires feedback from students and faculty from the national test scheme.

The school is hoping to gain opinion about their education policies.

The Indian Institute of Technology is an integral school that has built India. It is constructed to produce the highest quality students in India.

A Union Minister recently made a statement that IITs are known for producing world class students. And they are considered to have world class faulty.

However, it seems that today the requirements and standards for IITs are declining and there is a lack of adequate administration and financial autonomy. The demand to get into an ITT is high and therefore there are more students than there is room for.

The engineering system in Indian has become insignificant. About 10 years ago, IITs made up 10% of India’s engineering output. However, today, it makes up less than 2% and it is only declining further.

This means that India must revise the education policies and allow private sectors to “set up innovation universities”. There are currently 3,800 engineering colleges in Indian, with an annual intake of 1.2 million.

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