Whenever we try to evaluate democracy( more appropriately, the westernized democracy that world has adopted), the evaluation generally proceeds from the comparison between the democracy and other systems and at last we end up endorsing democracy. If you question about the loopholes and weaknesses in democracy others end up pointing finger at you: what do you want another communist Soviet Union? or another Nazi Germany? or Taliban? Democracy is entirely not a wrong concept at all but it has been used(rather misused) by its founding fathers( or western founding fathers) to spread confusion than to deliver what human civilization was expecting it from. Democracy was meant to deliver justice to all( i repeat "to all"), to create a system that would eradicate the anomalies of its predecessors and to deliver to human civilization a sustaining progress. And let us try to count what we have got. "Justice" for all was the first and foremost promise of democracy. Has it been delivered as been promised? No it has not. Rather its inventors have replaced the word "Justice" from the vocabulary of democracy by "Human rights" which seems quite decent at first glance but has been proved to be a very deceptive tool used( or misused) to do exactly opposite of what it was meant to do? An example would help: A mass murderer who has killed and slaughtered 100s of humans, or a convict who has committed heinous crimes against humanity would still not be hung, rather would be granted life imprisonment in any of the democratic system and the argument would be that killing is inhuman. These apply to the so called democratic countries(including mine) where there is no clause of death penalty. Another breed of democratic countries such as India, would run a case against such criminals for years in the name of human rights(sometime even for 10 or more years) during which the convict gets no punishment at all. Then after all the tedious process if a death sentence is ordered by judiciary, the sentence would be suspended. Take example of Afzal Guru, the convict in the 2001 Parliament attack who is still not hung. In either case, Justice is denied and we have been baffled to believe that human right is more important to preserve than justice, which is not the case. Then comes the "sustainable progress available to all" as the 2nd promise of democracy. Had it been delivered?The answer may come "yes" and the argument may be satiated by the huge industrial and economic growth human race has been able to achieve in the democratic countries such as India, the US, western countries and other democratic countries. But can the extravagant and indiscriminate industrial growth and economic boom be considered as growth. The industrial growth has endowed us permanent problems such as global warming and exhaustion of resources, which may eventually be the reason of destruction of human race. Economic growth is more ironical. Economic growth has resulted in a big void between the extremely rich and extremely poor rather than a bridge between them. Riches are getting richer and poor are getting poorer. Drought, famines and starvation have left millions dead in third world countries ( South east Asia and African subcontinent) whereas the ones in western world eat pizzas and hot dogs. So democracy has rather been the opportunity for the ones having money and power to progress at the cost of poor ones. It has been a mean to verify injustice and has been misused to spread impunity. DEMON-CRAZY=DEMOCRACY as one of the placards depicted in protests outside the building where G8 meeting was going on.

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